Bolivar Hydrogen Project – New BESS and H2 Product Facility

Project Overview:

The project, headed by James Schaedel, involved a comprehensive E&I installation for Marubeni’s new Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and Hydrogen Production Facility at Bolivar in South Australia. ICE partnered with our long-term client Wasco Energy Pty Ltd to deliver the turn-key project for Marubeni.

Outcomes and Success Factors:

A small, adept team from ICE accomplished the E&I scope with consistent quality while managing ongoing engineering and design changes.
Collaboration with the client’s workforce ensured the project’s completion was both safe and efficient.
ICE enhanced its reputation for reliably delivering complex E&I Hydrogen Projects, making this its second successful Hydrogen Project delivered with Wasco Energy.

Safety Performance:

The project recorded almost 7000 work hours with a peak workforce of 13 without incident or injury. This keeping consistent with the ICE safe work culture and outstanding LTI free period of over 16 years.

Lessons Learnt:

One of the primary lessons we gleaned from this project is the critical importance of receiving comprehensive engineering designs from the client. These designs serve as the foundation upon which the entire project is built. By having a clear and detailed scope of work at the outset, we can significantly reduce the potential for scope creep. When the client provides thorough engineering designs, it not only minimises the likelihood of unforeseen changes but also streamlines decision-making, enhances project efficiency, and prevents costly disruptions. This lesson underscores the significance of clear, well-defined project scopes from the outset, benefiting all parties involved.

Another pivotal lesson from this project pertains to the inclusion of termination drawings in the design documentation. Termination drawings provide a visual guide and the required detail for the final stages of termination, cable testing and commissioning of the project. When termination drawings are an integral part of the design documentation, it minimises confusion, accelerates the completion of the cable terminations, and limits potential errors.

Client Benefit:

Wasco Australia Pty Ltd gained a partner with the ability to adapt to rapid changes, a critical aspect of working in a pioneering field like the Hydrogen industry. This adaptability ensured that Wasco’s project remained on track even when unexpected challenges arose, enabling the achievement of project milestones without major disruptions.

Furthermore, ICE not only delivered on our commitments but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of this emerging sector.

ICE continues to build on these successes, looking forward to empowering more clients with their projects’ realization in Hydrogen and Hydrocarbons across Australia.