Kangaroo Island Fire recovery

As a South Australian based company many of our staff have spent time on Kangaroo Island with friends and family enjoying the beautiful natural environment and the tasty treats the island has to offer. Much of the islands flora, fauna and infrastructure was devastated recently during the 2020 bush fires like never before and a herculean effort is required to assist locals, farmers, businesses and wildlife to recover. Kyle Dew from the Adelaide office has spent many holidays on Kangaroo Island and the most recent holiday brought to reality the extent of the damage caused on the island by the fires. He immediately put the word out across the ICE team that we were looking for volunteers to help in any way possible.

Kyle had contacted BLAZEAID who were already on the island providing assistance and they were more than happy to accept the ICE offer of support to assist their teams with the removal of damaged fencing and the installation of new posts and wires across the fire damaged areas.

Nick Bindi the CEO of ICE supported the operation making sure all the ICE volunteers had the correct PPE and supplies in addition to covering the cost of vehicles, ferries etc for their weekend of hard work and sleeping under the stars.

Over the 2 days the ICE volunteers, working with the other BLAZEAID volunteers, cleared over 2km of burnt fencing, rolled up over 12km of single stranded wire, installed new posts and star droppers over many km’s to allow for installation of new fences. It was a great effort by everyone involved that lifted the morale of farmers, the BLAZEAID team and the local community, not to mention that of the ICE team!

A big thank you and well done to everyone involved!

BLAZEAID Website:  https://blazeaid.com.au/