Project Delivery

Greenfield Projects

ICE has developed a team of extremely capable and diverse tradespeople who are proficient, certified and experienced to construct site assets from the bare ground to operational facility. Our HV team can connect to, extend existing overhead lines or install standalone generation, install site wide underground HV/LV ring mains infrastructure.   Once the Power is distributed across the site, Switch-rooms, Motor Control Centres and LV Distribution Boards can be sourced and installed.  All LV power and instrumentation inclusive of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas, cable support systems and Instrument tubing is installed, tested and commissioned.

Brownfield Projects

The scope of work is identical to Greenfields however due to the risks associated with working in a live plant our Brownfields team predominantly consists of Electricians and Instrument technicians with Maintenance backgrounds. This training is key when the project is executed in an operational facility due to the added complexity and ties-ins that are required at various stages of these type of projects.

Maintenance – WIND & SOLAR

ICE Maintain is focused on servicing the Renewable Energy sectors with specific expertise in the turnkey Maintenance and repairs required for Wind and Solar Farms.

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Subcontractor Management

ICE has the robust Project Management and accredited HSE and Quality systems required to provide clients with a turnkey project solution. Our core skills are the installation, testing and commissioning of Electrical and Instrumentation systems and equipment required to construct an operational asset. Our ability to evaluate, engage and manage subcontractors that provide value in the non-core disciplines initially included the Communication, Process Control, Fire and Security systems that generally form part of the Electrical scope of work.

We have built on this capability to provide Mechanical/SMP, Civil, Crane services etc, to deliver each aspect of the construction work.

We nominate a Project Manager to be the single point of contact with the client on each project so the client deals with only one person who is across all disciplines and all issues.